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09.00 - 21.00

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465.00 MDL
Code : 0239


Director Paschevici Sergiu
  1. Receiving orders Monday-Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.. Delivered throughout the territory of Republic of Moldova 24/24 Monday-Sunday.
  2. Elegant Delivery is free from the amount of 500 lei in the radius of Chisinau.
  3. The cost of delivery across Chisinau is 50 lei outside of Chisinau is 4.50 lei / km.
  4. We guarantee the specific time for delivery but it should be coordinated with our operator.
  5. After each delivery, we will send a message to your phone number with delivery confirmation.
  6. After delivery you’ll receive on e-mail the picture of delivery and of floral arrangement. (Picture is made with the agreement of the recipient).
  7. We deliver in an elegant way (shirt, bow tie, white gloves). Will be a pleasant surprise.

Video la momentul livrării

  • Dorești să-ți surprinzi persoana draga cu un cadou? Vrei să-i vezi reacția în momentul livrării?
  • Adaugă în coș opțiunea „Video la momentul livrării”, iar noi îți vom reda emoțiile persoanei dragi printr-un clip de scurt metraj. Noi dăruim sentimente frumoase care vor rămîne în inima voastră.
  • Preţul unui video cu montare 250 lei